Just the Facts:

HSDS presents the Vinyl Experience with Jim Wheatley - June 16th 8pm-11pm
(beginner lesson @ 7) - Flying Monkey Arts Center - $10 general, $7 students

Chocolate High with TRose - June 16th 2pm-11pm - Madison Ballroom - $55-$60

No Tuesday UFC Class with Tabitha and Huy Until August

NSDF Balboa Workshop & Dance - June 29-July 1st (workshop June 30, 11am-4pm)
- Jump Session, Nashville, TN - $35

School of Hard Knox: Summer Semester 2012 Everything BUT the Pretzel - June
22nd-24th - Knoxville, TN - $70

The Old Fashioned Rhythm Method in Birmingham - June 30th 7:30-11pm -
Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham, AL - $12 General, $10 Student

KCDC Swing Dance Party - June 30th 7-10pm - Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club,
Madison, AL - $5

The Meat:

What: HSDS presents the Vinyl Experience with Jim Wheatley
When: June 16th 8pm-11pm (beginner lesson @ 7)
Where: Flying Monkey Arts Center Theater, 2211 Seminole Drive, Huntsville, AL
Cost: $10 General, $7 Student
We've got a special treat for June, something Huntsville's never had before:
The Vinyl Experience with Jim Wheatley! What's so special about that? When we
say "The Vinyl Experience", we mean it! Jim will be spinning, literally.
He'll be playing the swing, soul and jump blues you love, and he'll be doing
it with good old-fashioned records! How. Cool. Is. That! Jim will be
traveling over from Atlanta loaded down with the music we dance to in it's
original format. This is your chance to enjoy the swing and soul you love as
it was originally cut! Don't miss it!

What: Chocolate High with TRose
When: June 16th 2pm-11pm
Where: Madison Ballroom, 9076 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL, 35758
Cost: $55-$60 depending on registration date
International Pro Terry Roseborough is coming to Huntsville AL. TRose has had
a focus on West Coast Swing (WCS) since 1986. He has been an instructor of
WCS for 24 years and a dance floor favorite since he was 5. Now, an
international dance personality, Terry has been teaching in New Zealand,
Australia, Germany and Canada as well as many cities around the good ol' USA!
There's also a special deal for HSDS members! When you register, just let
them know that you'll be taking the workshop and then going to the HSDS dance
and they'll give you $5 off your registration! It'll be the best west cost
workshop you'll get in Huntsville this Summer so don't miss it!

What: Due to scheduling conflicts there won't be any swing dance lessons at
the University Fitness Center (UFC) until August. Tabitha and Huy will have a
great set of lessons ready to burst in August so stay tuned! If there is
enough interest, Tabitha and Huy may find a different venue for lessons
during the summer. Please let us know if you want Tabitha and Huy back sooner

What: NSDF Balboa Workshop & Dance
When: June 29-July 1st (workshop June 30, 11am-4pm)
Where: Jump Session @ the Nashville Ballroom  817 2nd Avenue South Â
Nashville, TN 37210
Cost: $35
The NSDF will be hosting a balboa workshop and dance the weekend of June
29th! Corey and Susan, the most esteemed balboa teachers in the south east,
will be teaching a workshop Saturday buttressed with the Vintage Swing dance
Friday and a balboa dance all night Saturday! Balboa's one of those things
every swing dancer needs to know, but many people don't get enough
instruction in. This is your chance to learn some so take it!

What: School of Hard Knox: Summer Semester 2012 Everything BUT the Pretzel
When: June 22nd-24th
Where: Multiple Venues, Knoxville, TN
Cost: $70
KSDA figured it was time that they brought the awesomeness to Knoxville! So
that is exactly what is happening in June. You have the opportunity to learn
from some super awesome dancers. Michael Gamble and Jaya Dorf (workshop
organizer extraordinaires) will be joining us from Asheville, NC. Jason and
Danielle Knight from Huntsville, Al will be sharing their super coolness with
us. And the icing on the cake â?" Kelly Arsenault will be taking a break from
her world tour to help out her hometown scene! There are
Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced tracks and even a whole day of Balboa
classes! This is your chance to check in in Knoxville!

What: The Old Fashioned Rhythm Method in Birmingham
When: June 30th 7:30-11pm
Where: Avondale Brewing Company  201 41st Street South  Birmingham, AL
Cost: $12 General, $10 Students
The Old Fashioned Rhythm Method is playing in Birmingham. Come on down to
commune with your fellow swing dancers and check out a band that you don't
see up in Huntsville! This is a beautiful venue that everyone loved last
month. A great band, a great venue, great friends. What more could you want!

What: KCDC Swing Dance Party
When: June 30, 2012 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Where: Kinesthetic Cue Dance Club (KCDC) Â 8006 Old Madison Pike #20 Â
Madison, AL, AL 35758
Cost: $5
It's time for a Swing Dance Party. They will have a lindy hop beginner and
intermediate lesson at 7pm followed by the dance party. Come on out for a
night of fun! :-D

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Philly Lindy Love -
BluesShout -

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