Document June 2012 NABDS Invitation/News
NABDS has a great "Summer Picnic" ballroom dance planned for June. You are invited...Read on.

Northeast Alabama

Ballroom Dance Society

June 2012


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Joyce Means



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June 16


July 21



Greetings to all Dancers,

The Northeast Alabama Ballroom Dance Society invites all members and their guests to attend the June ballroom dance. The dance will be held at the Rainbow City Community Center on Saturday, June 16. Wolfgang Moritz will play dance music starting at 7:30 PM. Admission is $5 for members and $10 for guests. The theme is ‘Summer Picnic’ and tasteful summer attire is encouraged for this dance. The standard coat and tie is acceptable too!


Coming This Month!

Let the summer parties begin! Ginger and Alan Ross will host this season’s first party. The theme is “Summer Picnic”. So put on your most flattering cool casual summer attire and come dance the evening away! Wolfgang is always in high demand for Oktoberfest. He plays the accordion and his music has that ambiance that makes you want to dance and have a brewski! His music will make for a lively summer dance party and he can play a mean polka too! Mark your calendar and bring a friend.

Last month Linda Behrens and Vicky Morgan hosted a great spring party. Thank you both and all that helped to create a special evening.  The Tradewinds band played wonderfully and John was exceptional on the trumpet. The new Board was introduced during the first break and welcomed with unanimous consent from the members.


The 2012-13 board is listed in the left margin of this letter. Pat Pettus and Joyce Means served on the original founding NABDS Board. It is fitting that they will lead NABDS through its twentieth year. I know we, the members, will work to help you and The Club have a successful year! Thank you for serving.

Twenty Years of Success

Our dance club could not have existed for twenty years without the support of loyal members. Members that:  Pay their yearly dues, which support the dances, attend the dances and invite social ballroom dancing friends - THIS IS what makes NABDS work year after year. June is the first month of a new dance year which means it is time to pay your yearly club dues. Membership dues allow NABDS to book bands and venue a year in advance. Your $40 membership dues ensure that you have a special dance party to attend every month. Dues are due this month and will be past due in July. You can pay dues at the door at this month’s dance or mail your dues to Doug Pettus, 709 Boozer Drive, Oxford, AL 36203.


A gentleman always thanks a lady after dancing with her.  After dancing, he escorts her back to her seat or to her group of friends.  He never leaves her on the dance floor.

Always offer an apology for accidently bumping someone on the dance floor.  When the floor is crowded, take smaller steps and avoid movements requiring more space than is available.  As a courtesy to your fellow dancers, follow the counter-clockwise "Line of Dance" on the floor during Fox-trots, Polkas, Tangos and Waltzes.

The above etiquette paragraphs appear as a preamble in the NABDS membership guide. It not only tells how to move around the dance floor it tells how to be a courteous dancer. Aren’t we constantly bombarded with rude and crude entertainment on TV and other media these days? What a welcome change it is to attend a social ballroom dance where the men are gentlemen and the women are ladies. This is why NABDS is a great dance club! Come share in the fun and help start this twentieth dance year off by attending June 16th.

I will see you on the dance floor. TM