Salsa Events Schedule!
We are excited.

We had a great time last weekend!!! The "Dancing with Friends" fundraiser was a HUGE succes!! We are asked to do it again next year!! WOW!! Pics will be posted soon!!!
SEE THE SCHEDULE BELOW! Start making plans!!!
What is going on with salsa in Huntsville? Below is a list of UPCOMING events! We are very excited to provide you with many opportunities to enjoy SALSA in Huntsville!

SALSA DANCE EVENT COMING UP (for now.. Many will be added for sure)
  • SATURDAY NIGHT SALSA - 3rd Saturday of the month - This is becoming the place to be for your salsa pleasure! Great atmosphere, great music, drink and food specials and hotel room discount. SALSA at the Radisson Hotel in Madison. CLICK HERE.
  • FREE SALSA SOCIAL - It's back!!! - 5th Tuesday of the month -  Before all the choices you have now for dancing... this is what we had for the students and the salsa lover. We are bringing it back. Our students need MORE places to go dancing! IT IS FREE TO ALL!!! CLICK HERE.
  • JUNE 30 & JULY 1 - TEEN SALSA CAMP - This is a first in Huntsville. We want to give your teens another form of entertainment that gets them out of the house and away from the iPAD, COMPUTER and TV. Enter them into this SALSA BOOTCAMP. They will learn so much and will have a great time!  CLICK HERE.
  • AUG 11 - SALSA PROM NIGHT - DINNER & DANCE - This is one of the most anticipated salsa dance events!! We all get to dress up!! SECOND CHANCE PROM!!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! YOU DO NOT NEED A DATE/PARTNER!! The salsa community in Huntsville is a friendly one so a date is NOT necessary!! We will make this fun!! We will even have a KING & QUEEN of the night!! Hoo hoooo!! All the details are up. CLICK HERE.
  • OCT 20 - SALSALABAMA JAM 2012 - THE BIG KAHUNA!!!! This is the big daddy!! Last year was just fantastic!!! I believe 100% of the attendees wore a costume!! That is amazing!! So unexpected!!  It will be better this year!! WE ARE ADDING AN AFTER PARTY PARTY!!! OH YES!!!!!!!!!!  This is for you SALSA ADDICTS!! Stay tuned for a very special price coming up!!!! Most details are up. CLICK HERE.
These are just the ones we know today! We will be adding more throughout the year!! Please keep checking  

We shall see you soon!!  Thank you for attending and for spreading the word.


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