Waltzplay Summer Schedule - FIRST and THIRD Sundays ONLY

NEXT DANCE July 15 - Intermediate Workshop

Important Schedule Notice

WaltzPlay wil be switching to a twice a month schedule until further notice. We will be dancing the FIRST and THIRD Sundays in July and August. Please check your Newsletter or the website for further updates to our schedule,

Upcoming schedule

Date Teacher/DJ Subject
July 15 John Scott/Becky C. Intermediate Workshop
Aug 5 John Dougan/Jay A. Waltz fundamentals
Aug 19 John Scott/Becky C. Intermediate Workshop

We want to be your choice of dancing venue for Sunday afternoons. Please share with us your favorite lessons, dances and instructors you would like us to include in our class schedule. Your thoughtful feedback will continue to inform our music and dances.

Thank you for your continued support.


Who do you know who might enjoy dancing with us on Sunday afternoon? Forward this email to them.


For additional details about times, directions, cost, etcetera, please refer to our website, WaltzPlay.org.

You can also e-mail us at info@waltzplay.org, or call Amanda at 770-499-0142.


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