Elita Sohmer Clayman

A friend of mine has a dance studio. He has a group session he calls CLAW. It stands for Cardio Latin Aerobic Workout. I told him he should call it LACE. Latin Aerobic Cardio Experiences. Just difference between two letters and two words. Claw sounds to me like a restaurant that specializes in crabs. Here in Baltimore ,Maryland, we are known for our excellent crab cakes.

Words are powerful and words can start wars, can begin love times and words can hurt, hinder, help and heal. I am a conservator of words and that means I take words and encourage everyone to ballroom dance. This has happened long before Dancing With The Stars became a television hit I have been writing dance articles in dance magazines and on websites and blogs for twenty years now.

My theme is always to inspire and delight everyone to go out and learn to ballroom dance in some capacity. You can make your own dance magic by taking a group lesson with others for a less expensive cost or take a private lesson between you, your partner and your professional teacher. Either way, you will learn, maybe at a different pace but you will still learn and be the richer for it.

Ballroom dance has been known to help folks mentally be happier, it is good for your health and your heart. People who ballroom dance have happiness in their lives because they are in a social atmosphere with others and they use their minds to learn the steps, routines and movements. As you age, you must keep up your mental activities and stimulate your brain. Even if you go to a social dance and sit and perhaps dance only a few dances, you still have accomplished a victory.

Victories to me at my now age of seventy-six encompass going to a studio dance and just arriving there. Elbert Hubbard said a victory is a matter of staying power.
Power you will obtain because you will work your feet, arms, head,mind,soul,legs and

So I urge anyone who has ever had the ambition to go out and learn to ballroom dance, go and enjoy yourself. It is not what is done on DWTS television show.That is hype and non reality for the average person.That is portraying ballroom dance in an unreal manner. Every day people do not take lessons for seven hours a day for seven days a week. The human body was not meant for that hard and unnecessary workouts.

The average person will learn at approximately one hour a week of education and maybe three hours of actually going to a social dance and trying to execute what they have absorbed  in the class.

This is the way you learn in an intelligent manner, in a healthful manner and in a happy manner.

So Lace can be for you as Learning At Caring Experiences. Lace will be a happy experience and you will be so exhilarated for hours after you have taken a lesson, whether group or private. You will look forward to the next time and the rest of your days will be exciting and full of anticipation of what is to come.

We have been dancing for thirty-three years with a time out of two years when we were involved in an auto accident of a man texting and hitting us and our car hard.

We hope to go back to dancing after the hard winter we have often here. We  look forward to 2011 with exhilaration, anticipation and happiness. I am seventy-six and husband is eighty and dancing has made us energized, electrified and excited with life now as parents, in-law parents, and grandparents.

Elita Sohmer Clayman Baltimore, Maryland

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February 2011


Published by René Zgraggen
Montgomery, AL