Walking on the Stars

There are many quotations going to be used in this article today because I am feeling that I need to.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." We could take that to mean that we should celebrate our happy and relevant times each and every day, we are here on this earth. Then there is "we can be offered the moon, when we want the stars." We could interpret that to mean that the stars may be closer than the moon or that we want something not as attainable. Then there is one I made up, not knowing that there is a popular song by that name. Truly, I am not into the popular songs the young people know of today. I have turned into my father. I use to think how ‘old’ he was in not knowing any of the current songs on the radio in those days of the late 1940’s into 1950 when I was an up and coming knowledgeable teen. I told a young friend of mine who got her engagement ring back from the jeweler after waiting three weeks for it to be sized:

I said "now you are walking on the stars." That popped into my mind instantly, when she told me on the phone that it had arrived back to her. I meant she is so happy to be engaged and to have the ultimate jewelry piece a young girl desires. So the saying came before me, unknown to me and so it is a beautiful saying.

Some of us count days. By that I mean, we count the days until Christmas, Easter, Chanukah or going to a friend’s wedding. When my daughter-in-law’s sister got engaged last April, they immediately set the date to October first. Knowing, we would be invited; I counted the weeks till then on my calendar and knew that since I was back to my Weight Watcher classes, I would be slender once again at the wedding.

I like calendars and I buy each year a one a day paged calendar. Funny thing, I keep them and have them way back from 1990. I look back sometimes on things that happened those days. I see on one of them, the day my first grandson was born and how we raced to the hospital to see the young baby and how I felt becoming a first time grandmother. It was raining that night and as we went into the hospital, we had to leave our drivers‘ licenses for security purposes. That was a first and interesting and that was to protect the newborn and his parents.

I have one I attained in 1995 when my second grandson was born and how I had gotten very slim then and was so happy to wear a green two piece skirt/jacket dress and how I was as slim as the day I got married at that time in 1960. So calendars can have good memories on them kept for remembrances and also some events that were sad for other reasons. The drawer where the calendars are kept is getting full, so I will have to find a different drawer or get rid of some of them. I have the calendar day when my brother got ill and we went to Franklin Square Hospital to see him and he passed away a day or so later. That was a sad calendar page day and week of days. Happy ones like the days my first two grandsons were born are nicer calendar pages.

Now days, people do what they call scrap booking. They place pictures and printed writings in scrap books for future viewing and loving. I have photo albums of those pictures and even have a funny picture of my late dad when he was a young and probably a single man about in 1913 and the men wore these long funny looking two piece bathing suits; really covering a great deal of the body up. He was with his brother and several young women who were quite covered up themselves.

Counting the weeks or months is like looking forward to walking on the stars for an up and coming celebration. At this time of year, the next holidays to look forward to are probably for most people, Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day and then Father’s day. Others will gather strength from embracing a visit from their family for these days; other perhaps to a wedding as mentioned above of the young woman who just received her engagement ring. Many to the future birth of a grandchild or a party celebrating an event of a friend or family member. I look forward to my stories being published here online in www.CockeysvillePatch.com . I look forward to seeing the grandchildren in Virginia often and buying something new for my home or toys for our visit with Ethan and Ava. I like most of my Weight Watcher classmates look ahead to a smaller size outfit to wear. We have worked hard to achieve weight loss and besides the health benefits, the clothing size is important.

Others look forward to going to dinner with family and or friends or to a few days off for an at home vacation or another area vacation. I have friends who are enticed to run, bicycle, or jog for charity events. My mom use to look forward to getting her hair done at the salon on Saturdays after she worked all week at her job for the State of Maryland. Many look forward to retiring and then wondering how they will keep busy not working. Children look ahead to snow days when and if school is called for snow pile-ups.

Many look ahead with anticipation, if they are dancers to dance competitions or showcasing their new talent to be seen in a dance showcase. Now that I do not walk so well with my arthritic knees, I will look ahead to walking some in a mall, even if I have to sit down now and then in one of the stores. Then I look ahead to getting up and trying some more walking, buying and having a bit of fun.

Whatever it is that you can do to anticipate, look forward to, dance on the stars, or moments that take our breath away ( a good breath taking way); then obtain the moments as soon as you are able. You can be thinking you could be offered the moon, and would rather have the stars. Walk on the stars in your mind and shine and be brighter for doing so. Your mind will benefit and your brain will be active and your life can be measured in not only happiness, but in love.

I like words that enhance my life from my thoughts and as a lady who once repaired a broken statue of the Lladro brand when a head of the lady was knocked off in getting my kitchen floor retiled said to me. She said "I am a restorer and conservator for museums, people and statues. I conserve what is broken and repair them, if possible."

I call myself, not only a writer, but a conservator of words; that meaning I am a guardian, a keeper and a custodian of words and try to use them to encourage, enhance and explain things I care about. I care about family, grandchildren, and friends, dancing and being kind to everyone. I have bought these boxes of freshwater, cultured pearl bracelets in dozens of colors. I keep them on hand and every time, I meet a positive and kind person who has shown me outstanding concern or service, I give them one to show my appreciation. I even let them choose the colors they prefer and I wear several colors on my arm and offer one to them for exemplary kindness to me. Some have asked if I make them; I say no, I just wear a few extra ones to have on hand (pun for sure) and show my thanks by giving one to them right then and there. They are usually astonished and thankful and I am the one who is beholden to them, because I lit up a stranger’s life for a brief moment. So walk on the stars any moment you feel you want to and be happy; for today is a privilege and tomorrow hopefully will be one too.

Elita Sohmer Clayman
March 2012

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Published by René Zgraggen
Montgomery, AL