Elita Sohmer Clayman
November 2010

Go and ballroom dance regardless of your age.

It is never too late to learn to ballroom dance whether you are 8 or 88. A lady I know who read my articles on ballroom dance for seniors started to take ballroom dance lessons at age 79.5. Those were her words. She had been depressed because her husband was in a nursing home for 20 years and she needed a social atmosphere to continue to live. She took a few group lessons and this developed into private lessons.

She even had the desire to take from Ron Montez who is a brilliant former dance champion and now teaches and choreographs dancing for shows and groups. She had so much fun and her energy increased and her life developed into something meaningful.

She credited my articles with instilling in her the desire and the ability to try.

There are many forms of learning and some quite inexpensive. You should try to find a group lesson at a desirable dance studio. The group lessons usually cost about 10-15 dollars per hour and you are mixed in with other people learning to dance. Then if you really can afford it, later on you could take some private lessons meaning you and your partner or you alone with the teacher for one hour. This usually costs different amounts depending in what city you reside. It could be like here in Baltimore, Maryland perhaps 50 dollars per hour or 60 dollars per hour or more or less depending on the locale.

Try it, not only will it stimulate your body, your mind and most of all your soul.

There is a Japanese custom done upon someone getting married. The groom has to make 1001 paper cranes that he folded and this is an act of traditional love which will insure the bride and groom a long life of happiness. I know someone who had to do this before his wedding. He himself is half Japanese and half Caucasian and his bride all Caucasian. The tradition is called Senbazuru.

When I saw the 1001 cranes, I was overwhelmed at other possibilities that these cranes could mean to anyone regardless of their nationality. This could mean a long life no matter how old you are at the present time and this could be encompassing a happy life of doing new things in new moments. I saw these cranes at our very fine dance facility where we have been dancing on Sundays for about ten years now. It is called The Promenade Dance Facility in Baltimore, Maryland. If you are ever in Baltimore, go and see this beautiful studio that looks as if it belongs in Hollywood. California with its delightful interior and fantastic dance floor. Cindy Sumida is the owner and she presents ballroom dancing in its finest appearance with this lovely atmosphere. Her handsome designs in the layout gives one a sense of  a dancing phenomenon.When you are at the Promenade, it is as if you are in a different world and you are away from any problems you have, any health difficulties or even if everything in your life is great, being at the Promenade makes life extremely and pleasantly complete.You are fulfilled while you are there for the two to three hours you are dancing and socializing.

One day last week, #3 grandson of mine, Ethan asked his daddy what phenomenon meant. He had heard it somewhere. He is five and Dad ( my son Jeffrey) told him it meant outstanding. He understood it then. So is the Promenade. Outstanding it is and so is Cindy Sumida who owns it. She makes the new dancer feel unbelievably  wonderful and to us seasoned and older dancers, she makes us feel loved. We love her too for making our hours of dancing so gratifying.

Ballroom dancing for the average person is not what it appears on Dancing With The Stars. That is all non reality. Real reality is real living and real living helps us to be happy in whatever we do. DWTS is pure nonsense because no one in life takes seven hours or so of learning to dance six days a week. We take one hour a week to start and maybe two hours after a few months depending on our money situation which in the present day is not a lot for many folks. So ballroom dancing is a luxury and we have to incorporate it into our budget. So seven hour days with high prices professional dance teachers is out of our realm.

DWTS should not deter new folks to think they cannot dance because these stars make plenty of money from the sponsors of the show to even enter into the show itself. The longer the amateur stays on the show, the more money he receives.

When we enter the ballroom dance world to learn to dance at any age, we do it for our self confidence and for our happiness and also for our health.

There is a saying that anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It only empties today of its strength. Let us fill our today with strength and tomorrow with more strength and endurance and happiness.Go and ballroom dance for a phenomenon in your life.

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Published by René Zgraggen
Montgomery, AL