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 StillWorkingMessage.gif (2167 bytes) The descendants of the Murten Fehrs live in many countries around the world. Those of us who were born in Switzerland and still have ties to earlier generations find it difficult to know or keep track of those who came after us.

The younger descendants, born and raised far from Switzerland, have little or no knowledge of their roots. This includes our own children, our grandchildren and their children.

This web site is intended to provide a link between the generations, with genealogical charts, family news, pictures and lists of names. I also provides a central clearing house where news and names and addresses can be posted and obtained.

I am a the grandson of Edmond Friedrich Fehr and Elyse (Elsa) Maria Zehnder, and son of their youngest daughter, Elsie Maria Zgraggen-Fehr, who lives in Zurich and is 92 years young.

To build this web site, to keep it current and to add interesting facts and news, I need the help of every Fehr descendant who has access to the internet. Let your relatives know about this site. Contact me at and give me your input, be it family news, genealogical information, pictures, biological scetches, heraldic crests, or just to let me know that you exist. I could also use some help to translate this into German, and maybe some other languages.

Finally, since I am far from infallible, if you see any errors, contact me. I'll try and incorporate all corrections. The same goes for any suggestions you may have.

I hope you enjoy your visit.




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Published Nov. 2002